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Louisiana CapitolThe Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center works to promote the equitable rebuilding of hurricane impacted areas of Louisiana, enforce state housing laws, and advance the availability of housing stock for all people, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, familial or marital status, or sexual orientation.

Each year, GNOFHAC supports successful passage or defeat of a wide range of legislation. Our top priorities during the 2019 session of the Louisiana State Legislature (April 8 – June 6) are:

Forcing Louisianans from their homes: a choice we don’t have to make

Right now, Louisiana makes it easier than nearly any other state for landlords to force people from their homes. When we face unexpected medical bills or a car breakdown, many of us suddenly have to deal with having no place to call home. That’s because our outdated laws allow landlords to turn us out of our homes if we’re only one day late on rent or one dollar short.

SB 28, by Sen. Ed Price, would bring us into alignment with the rest of the country and provide us one opportunity every six months to get current on rent within 10 days, before the courts get involved. Most mom and pop landlords already do this because getting the courts involved costs money and so does finding a new tenant. Read more about the rest of the fixes in SB 28 here. The Louisiana Legislature should support SB 28 to ensure Louisianans—no matter what we look like or our zip code—have the security of staying in the place we call home.

Protect New Orleans’ culture: ensure long-term residents can stay and thrive
In New Orleans we value our culture and traditions and know that without the people who create and maintain them, we lose everything that makes us so unique. We understand that the rising rents, home prices, and tax assessments forcing people from the neighborhoods they’ve called home for generations is a threat to our very existence.

Senate Bills 79 and 80, by Sen. Troy Carter, would allow the City of New Orleans to reduce taxes on long-time, lower-income homeowners to ensure they aren’t gentrified out of their homes by skyrocketing tax assessments. It could also help mom and pop landlords who want to hold some of their rental properties affordable to the average New Orleanian. We need every tool at our disposal to keep the traditions of New Orleans alive. That’s why the Louisiana Legislature should support SBs 79 and 80 to ensure that the city remains the unique place that people the world over want to visit.