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Louisiana CapitolThe Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center works to promote the equitable rebuilding of hurricane impacted areas of Louisiana, enforce state housing laws, and advance the availability of housing stock for all people, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, familial or marital status, or sexual orientation.

Each year, GNOFHAC supports successful passage or defeat of a wide range of legislation. Our top priorities during the 2017 session of the Louisiana State Legislature (April 10 – June 8) are:

Housing Security for Louisiana Renters
Louisiana’s landlord-tenant law is confusing and allows landlords to file for eviction immediately in many situations, throwing families into chaos and potential homelessness. Few rights and a fast-moving eviction process means renters are often fearful of coming forward about health and safety violations or discrimination. SB 120, by Sen. Rick Ward makes important reforms recommended by the non-partisan Louisiana State Law Institute. The bill clarifies the law, ensures families aren’t rushed to eviction without an opportunity to make things right, and allows tenants to more easily recover security deposits. The Louisiana Legislature should support SB 120 and foster housing security for Louisiana renter families.
Protect Local Control for Zoning and Housing Affordability
In cities like New Orleans, climbing rents continue to push long-term residents out of the city. New Orleans has committed to a number of local solutions, including a Smart Housing Mix policy, which would set-aside a percentage of units in new developments as affordable. SB 162 attempts to weaken state laws that provide for smart housing mix policies and jeopardize New Orleans’ plans. New Orleanians have made clear that solving the city’s affordable housing crisis is a top priority. The Louisiana Legislature should oppose SB 162 and let local governments respond to their residents’ needs. 
Defend the Louisiana Violence Against Women Act (LaVAWA)
Last year, GNOFHAC worked closely with anti-domestic violence advocates to pass the Louisiana Violence Against Women Act (LaVAWA) to ensure that victims are not turned out of their homes because of the actions of an abuser. Within a month of the law’s implementation, it was used to defend a pregnant woman who was beaten, shot, and then served an eviction notice because of the violence against her. She was able to keep her home due to LaVAWA. Many more Louisiana residents need and deserve these protections. GNOFHAC will work with partners to closely monitor and vigorously oppose any attempts to weaken protections for victims.