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Walk (or run) for Fair Housing in City Park

Posted on 21. Oct, 2014 by

Free beer and food.  T-shirts and giveaways.  Beautiful fall weather in City Park.  What more could you want on a Saturday in New Orleans?

City Park New OrleansThe Crescent City Fall Classic 5k run/walk on November 8 offers all of these things, and if you sign up on Team Fair Housing,  your registration will help address housing  issues faced by survivors of domestic violence.

Those who sign up on Team Fair Housing also get a  reduced entry of $15 (down from $30).  Just sign up under “Grant Program Participant Registration”  and choose the GNO Fair Housing Action Center  on the next page.

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Fair Housing Voter Guide

Posted on 20. Oct, 2014 by

October 21st begins early voting in Orleans Parish for the November 4th midterm elections.  You’ve probably heard, but this year’s ballot will include a total of 14 proposed amendments to the Louisiana state constitution.

Many of these amendments have fair housing implications, so we’re sharing our perspective as part of our ongoing policy education and advocacy work.

For some of these, there’s a clear fair housing angle that determines whether we’re for or against.  For others, there’s a fair housing argument that could go either way, so we provided you with both sides of the story from a fair housing perspective. Read More…

50 Best Culturally Diverse Children’s Book

Posted on 13. Oct, 2014 by

Amazing GraceToday the Guardian released a list of the 50 best culturally diverse children’s books. The list includes books from over the past 60 years that celebrate cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity. The list was created by the UK organization, Seven Stories, the National Centre for Children’s Books. Tomorrow the Guardian is launching an online discussion where anyone can share their favorite book on diversity! Read about it here.

GNOFHAC understands the importance of discussing and promoting diversity through reading with kids of all ages. That’s why we created the Fair Housing Five & the Haunted House. October is Fair Housing Five Month, a time to celebrate fair housing and civil rights education for young people! This month, we’re offering free workshops to any classroom, neighborhood group, community center, or religious groups interested. Contact our Education and Outreach Director at or (504) 596-2100.

Eviction for Facing Domestic Violence: Not in Norristown, PA

Posted on 09. Oct, 2014 by

Used and abused; domestic violence concept

Last month, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) settled an important case in Pennsylvania on behalf of a domestic violence victim, Ms. Lakisha Briggs. The ACLU of Pennsylvania teamed up with Ms. Briggs and the law firm of Pepper Hamilton LLP to challenge the city of Norristown’s 3-strike ordinance, which encouraged landlords to evict tenants who’d had the police called to their residence 3 times or more, even if the person who called the police was the victim of a crime. A serious side effect of this policy was that it forced victims of domestic violence to either risk eviction by calling the police, or to endure further abuse if they didn’t. Read More…

October is Fair Housing Five Month!

Posted on 03. Oct, 2014 by

FHFWhat: A time to celebrate civil rights and fair housing youth education!

Why: Because we know that it’s imperative for young people to be engaged in meaningful and challenging dialogue about fairness and equity. We have seen first hand how these conversations and workshops encourage kids to become actors in ending discrimination!

When: All of October!

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New Road Home Collection Process

Posted on 02. Oct, 2014 by

REO InvestigationAs of October 1, 2014, the Office of Community Development-Disaster Recovery Unit is restarting its collection process for those Road Home grant recipients who are out of compliance or were deemed by the program to have been overpaid. The collection process had been suspended since a state law passed in June.

The new collection process provides some additional protections for homeowners: Read More…

GNOFHAC E-Newsletter: September 2014 Highlights

Posted on 30. Sep, 2014 by

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014

Four Reasons to Pre-Order a Copy of the First Ever Social Justice Babies: 2015 Calendar

Selah as Angela Davis

1. Monthly photos of babies dressed up as famous champions of social justice

2. Daily dose of civil rights history, quotes, and landmark anniversaries

3. An opportunity to support the fight against segregation and housing discrimination in Louisiana

4. An east way to knock out some early holiday shopping

Pre-ordered calendars will be shipped or available for pick-up in December. Click here to pre-order yours. Learn more about the project here. Read More…

Council Goes Deep on the Future of City’s Housing Stock

Posted on 19. Sep, 2014 by

Doorstep StockOn Thursday, New Orleans City Council members participated in a lively debate about demolitions of historic homes. Though seemingly narrow in scope, the Uptown Messenger’s coverage pointed out that the conversation also included a philosophical component about the future of the city’s housing stock.

Ultimately, the debate hinged on whether Council members believe that what is good for the city should sometimes trump individual property rights. The majority of Council members, lead by Stacy Head, encouraged property owners to renovate rather than demolish their historic properties. A representative from the Preservation Resource Center echoed those sentiments, arguing that “without our historic buildings, we would lose our uniqueness and what makes us attractive as a city today.”

A similar conversation about the future of our city’s rental housing stock should be on the Council’s agenda. Specifically, the Council should grapple with the challenge of individual property rights to the wellbeing of the City overall when it comes to the most common type of housing in the City: rentals.  Read More…

VAWA, Ray Rice, and Housing Policy are all Connected

Posted on 11. Sep, 2014 by

This week we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act, a monumental law enacted to protect victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse. The law, passed originally in 1994 and reauthorized in 2013, includes funding and legal programs to improve the response to domestic violence, and change the nation’s perception of it.

nfl_a_rice_d1_600x400Although we celebrate this anniversary, we also know there’s much more work to be done. Just this week, the problem of domestic violence has been in the headlines because a video of ex-Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice coldcocking his wife surfaced. Much of the nation has been up in arms with Rice, and with the NFL for taking little to no action in punishing Rice until video evidence of his abusive behavior surfaced. In Louisiana, we know there are far too many women, like Janay Palmer, still facing abuse behind closed doors, in their homes, in front of their children, with no cameras present- often with horrific consequences. Read More…

Social Justice Babies Calendar: Pre-ordering now available!

Posted on 09. Sep, 2014 by

The very first Social Justice Babies: 2015 Calendar is now available for pre-order!

Behind the scenes shot of Tani and Eli's first modeling debut

Behind the scenes shot of Tani and Eli’s modeling debut

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