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GNOFHAC E-Newsletter: September 2014 Highlights

Posted on 30. Sep, 2014 by

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014

Four Reasons to Pre-Order a Copy of the First Ever Social Justice Babies: 2015 Calendar

Selah as Angela Davis

1. Monthly photos of babies dressed up as famous champions of social justice

2. Daily dose of civil rights history, quotes, and landmark anniversaries

3. An opportunity to support the fight against segregation and housing discrimination in Louisiana

4. An east way to knock out some early holiday shopping

Pre-ordered calendars will be shipped or available for pick-up in December. Click here to pre-order yours. Learn more about the project here. Read More…

Council Goes Deep on the Future of City’s Housing Stock

Posted on 19. Sep, 2014 by

Doorstep StockOn Thursday, New Orleans City Council members participated in a lively debate about demolitions of historic homes. Though seemingly narrow in scope, the Uptown Messenger’s coverage pointed out that the conversation also included a philosophical component about the future of the city’s housing stock.

Ultimately, the debate hinged on whether Council members believe that what is good for the city should sometimes trump individual property rights. The majority of Council members, lead by Stacy Head, encouraged property owners to renovate rather than demolish their historic properties. A representative from the Preservation Resource Center echoed those sentiments, arguing that “without our historic buildings, we would lose our uniqueness and what makes us attractive as a city today.”

A similar conversation about the future of our city’s rental housing stock should be on the Council’s agenda. Specifically, the Council should grapple with the challenge of individual property rights to the wellbeing of the City overall when it comes to the most common type of housing in the City: rentals.  Read More…

VAWA, Ray Rice, and Housing Policy are all Connected

Posted on 11. Sep, 2014 by

This week we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act, a monumental law enacted to protect victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse. The law, passed originally in 1994 and reauthorized in 2013, includes funding and legal programs to improve the response to domestic violence, and change the nation’s perception of it.

nfl_a_rice_d1_600x400Although we celebrate this anniversary, we also know there’s much more work to be done. Just this week, the problem of domestic violence has been in the headlines because a video of ex-Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice coldcocking his wife surfaced. Much of the nation has been up in arms with Rice, and with the NFL for taking little to no action in punishing Rice until video evidence of his abusive behavior surfaced. In Louisiana, we know there are far too many women, like Janay Palmer, still facing abuse behind closed doors, in their homes, in front of their children, with no cameras present- often with horrific consequences. Read More…

Social Justice Babies Calendar: Pre-ordering now available!

Posted on 09. Sep, 2014 by

The very first Social Justice Babies: 2015 Calendar is now available for pre-order!

Behind the scenes shot of Tani and Eli's first modeling debut

Behind the scenes shot of Tani and Eli’s modeling debut

Read More…

Nov. 8: Run and Walk for Fair Housing in City Park!

Posted on 09. Sep, 2014 by

GNOFHAC staff, board, and friends will walk and run in the Crescent City Fall Classic 5k (3.1 miles) on Saturday, November 8, and we want you on our team!



Read More…

Katrina: A reflection from GNOFHAC Executive Director, James Perry

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by

August 29, 2014

In the short nine years since hurricane Katrina made landfall, New Orleans has undergone dramatic change.

Katrina brought New Orleans to her knees. She displaced hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed homes, communities, businesses, schools and hospitals. The world lamented our losses. We were inspired by people who reached out from near and far to help rebuild the homes, neighborhoods and schools. Every displaced New Orleanian has a warm story of a neighbor, a friend, organization, or a stranger who extended a hand to help us put our city back together. Read More…

Announcing the Social Justice Babies: 2015 Calendar!

Posted on 28. Aug, 2014 by



The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center is excited to present the first annual edition of the Social Justice Babies: 2015 Calendar! 

The full-color civil rights and fair housing-themed calendar will feature 12 photos of budding activist babies and toddlers dressed to depict civil rights figures throughout history, from Ruby Bridges to Walter Mondale.

Read More…

Race Discrimination on the North Shore

Posted on 28. Aug, 2014 by

In order to measure housing discrimination in our community, GNOFHAC uses testing, or mystery shopping, to evaluate the practices of local landlords. A recent investigation in Slidell revealed several instances of racial discrimination that violated the Fair Housing Act, including one landlord who’s paying the price this month.

GNOFHAC-trained testers called the landlord about an apartment he was advertising near Slidell. The landlord told the three African-American testers that the apartment wasn’t available, stating that the current tenant hadn’t left yet and that he needed to make major repairs first. During the same period of time, the landlord invited three white testers to visit the empty apartment and turn in an application. GNOFHAC filed a Fair Housing Act complaint in federal court and settled this month.  Read More…

GNOFHAC Settles Sexual Harassment Case in Shreveport

Posted on 28. Aug, 2014 by

In late 2011, GNOFHAC received a call from a woman in Shreveport in desperate need of housing for her and her children. After a few minutes of conversation, the woman disclosed that she was fleeing her current apartment because of ongoing sexual harassment she was enduring from her landlord.

Few people are aware that such harassment can be classified as a direct violation of the Fair Housing Act, but the reality is that sexual harassment in housing often occurs on the basis of a tenant’s sex.  “Sex” is one of the seven protected classes under the Fair Housing Act, therefore a landlord who sexually harasses his renter can sometimes be taken to court for housing discrimination. Read More…

Job openings here at GNOFHAC!

Posted on 20. Aug, 2014 by

house bw logo copyGNOFHAC is currently hiring an outreach specialist and a legal assistant! Both are full-time employment opportunities. Read more about them here and share it with a friend!

We’re seeking an Outreach Specialist to plan, conduct, and manage various outreach, education, marketing and public relations activities on behalf of the organization. Duties include: assist in the planning and production of fair housing events; coordinate external communication on behalf of the organization through mediums including the Center’s blog, mass emails, and social media platforms; produce and distribute accessible educational materials; assist in providing educational trainings; and represent the organization at various events. Read the full job description here.  We have extended the application period, and will be accepting applications through September 17, 2014, C.O.B.  Read More…