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The Prescription for Healthy Children Starts at Home

Posted on 19. Mar, 2015 by in Blog, Participate (for sidebar), Policy Updates

According to a recent study by The Data Center, nearly 40% of New Orleans’ children live in poverty. While this statistic isn’t new to us, it stings every time we read it. It should also come as no surprise that the children who fall into that 39% are very likely to be living in substandard housing.

A safe home is the foundation for healthy growth and stability. Yet there are far too many toxic living spaces in this city, and it’s time that we address that problem wholeheartedly for the sake of our children’s futures.

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Thanks for Roastin’ and Toastin’ James Perry

Posted on 19. Mar, 2015 by in Blog, Participate (for sidebar)

James Perry Roast - March 12!

Last Thursday, GNOFHAC and friends gathered at the Preservation Resource Center to celebrate (and roast) our departing Executive Director, James Perry. The crowd enjoyed delicious food prepared by the talented Allison Vines-Rushing while vying over beautiful local artwork and other items at a silent auction. For the main event, the roasters, led by James’ wife Melissa Harris-Perry, had the crowd near tears with their hilarious commentary. But all joking aside, it was very clear how much we’ll miss James and how cherished he is here in New Orleans.

Check out the full album on Facebook (and while you’re at it, like us, tag your friends, and leave some funny comments for us to find later!)

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Just how important is Disparate Impact in fair housing law?

Posted on 10. Feb, 2015 by in Blog, Participate (for sidebar), Uncategorized

Last month, GNOFHAC and friends gathered at the Fit For King conference to honor the legacy of those who’ve fought for fair housing and to highlight the obstacles in the ongoing struggle for civil rights in Louisiana.  A major topic of the day was the use of Disparate Impact in cases concerning the Fair Housing Act. Read More…