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I know I shouldn’t say this, but…

Posted on 02. Mar, 2012 by in Blog, Enforcement Actions, Participate (for sidebar)

Watch the videoThroughout October 2011, GNOFHAC partnered with local news affiliate WDSU to conduct testing or mystery shopping of private landlords and apartment complexes in the Mandeville and Covington areas.  If you missed WDSU’s feature on apartment mystery shopping, you can check it out online:  Our testing revealed that African Americans experienced a difference in treatment based upon their race 64 percent of the time when apartment shopping.  This difference in treatment is discriminatory conduct and is illegal under the federal Fair Housing Act.

As reported in the WDSU story, 7 out of 11 times African Americans faced discrimination when apartment shopping on the Northshore.  This rate of discrimination is higher than what we discovered in our 2007 audit when African American testers were discriminated against 57.5% of the time. Read More…

Seeking 40 Year Old White Women

Posted on 02. Nov, 2011 by in Blog

If I saw this title in a classified advertisement, I would immediately begin investigating it for possible housing discrimination.  See, at the GNO Fair Housing Center, I am the Coordinator of Investigations and it is part of my job to monitor housing advertisements for discriminatory language that indicates a preference for one person or group over another. Read More…