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Thanks for fundraising! Here are some tools to get you started:

Posted on 06. Oct, 2016 by



Thank you for participating in the 5k for Fair Housing!  Here are some tools to help you get going:

Sample Email Text

Dear [Name],

On November 5, I’ll participate in the Crescent City Fall Classic 5k to raise money for the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center.

It’s a sad reality that even in 2016, many families and individuals are denied the right to rent and purchase homes because of their race, their disability, or the fact that they have children.  The Fair Housing Action Center is dedicated to fighting this injustice by advocating on behalf of those whose housing rights have been violated.  Recent victories include successfully advocating on behalf of a man whose offer on a home was rejected because the seller didn’t want to sell his home to an African American, bringing justice for several women in an apartment complex whose landlord sexually harassed them in their own homes, and stopping the eviction of a woman whose sudden breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent hospitalization had caused her to temporarily fall behind on her rent.

I’m raising money for fair housing because I believe that no one should be denied the right to choose where they live because of who they are.  Please join me in supporting this important work by making a donation today through [Link to Fundraising Page]. 

Thank you for your support!

Sample Facebook Posts (tag your friends individually)

1.   Hey friends and family- I’m running a 5k to raise money for the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center.  If you want to support me in this feat of athleticism and altruism, then please considering making a donation at [Link to Fundraising Page]! $10, $20, $50– it all adds up.

2.   On November 5, I’ll participate in the Crescent City Fall Classic 5k to raise money for the GNO Fair Housing Action Center’s work to address the segregation and inequality caused by housing discrimination.  Please join me in supporting this important cause by making a donation [Link to Fundraising Page].  Thank you for your support!

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