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They’re Trying To Force Anti-immigrant Laws on Us

Posted on 16. May, 2016 by

Outside interests affiliated with the Trump campaign are trying to re-write our local immigration rules. An anti-immigration bill, championed by Donald Trump advisor Chris Kobach, is nearing approval in the Louisiana Legislature. Please take a stand and say “no” to this attempt to meddle in local governance.

HB 1148 would undermine local law enforcement and levy harsh penalties on cities like New Orleans and Lafayette by pulling construction loans for new schools, fire stations, or port facilities. In the past three years, New Orleans’ police department and sheriff’s office decided to stop interrogating suspects about their immigration status because doing so discouraged undocumented immigrants from reporting crime and bred fear and distrust of local government.

Just last year, Louisiana enacted protections for survivors of domestic violence to ensure they don’t get evicted when they call for help. HB 1148 would discourage them from calling for help, risking their own lives and those of their children for fear of detention and deportation. Please let your legislators know you oppose HB 1148 and its dangerous consequences for Louisiana families.

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