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Abused and Evicted

Posted on 04. May, 2015 by

The client we profiled in an earlier blog post shared her gut-wrenching story of abuse and eviction in this week’s Gambit because she wants to ensure that other women don’t have to go through what she did. This happens every day in Louisiana, but state legislators have an opportunity to change that this session.


One in three victims in our state are evicted because of the violence committed against them. In our client, Marilyn’s* case, her ex-boyfriend choked her and threw her against a bedroom mirror before she and her young son were able to escape and get medical treatment. When she returned to her apartment, not 24 hours later, the property manager told her she had to leave. “At first they were telling me I had to be out that Friday,” she said. “Then I begged — and I tell you, I begged just for the end of the weekend — so they allowed me until that Monday.”

Marilyn was the victim of a crime, but her landlord held her accountable for the perpetrator’s violence. SB 174, introduced by Sen. Sharon Weston Broome, would protect victims of domestic violence from eviction or being denied housing simply because of their status as a victim. It would also ensure that victims can call police or emergency assistance without worrying about being put out of their home. The bill will be up for a vote in the State Senate tomorrow and we expect a fight.

To express your support for Marilyn and the thousands of other domestic violence victims throughout the state, please call or email your State Senator.

Call your Senator. Call 225-342-2040 and ask for your Senator. (Click here to find your Senator) Scroll down for a script.

Email your Senator and let them know you stand with victims.

Call script:
I’m a constituent and I’m calling to urge you to stand with domestic violence victims and vote yes on SB 174. One in three victims in our state are evicted because of the violence of their abuser. Our laws need to reflect our values and hold the perpetrator accountable, not the victim. Will you stand with victims and vote for SB 174?

Tell us how your call went.

*Marilyn’s name has been changed to protect her safety and privacy.

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