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A sneak peek of our 2015 state legislative priorities.

Posted on 07. Apr, 2015 by

We’re committed to equal housing opportunity in Louisiana and it’s time again to make our case in Baton Rouge.

Our top priorities this year are:

  • SB 174: proposes a common sense solution to an issue with broad support. It simply states that victims of domestic violence should not be turned out of an apartment because of their abuser’s harmful actions.

    Nearly one in three women in Louisiana domestic violence shelters report having been evicted because of the actions of their abusers, with that number jumping to as high as 67% in certain parishes. The federal Violence Against Women Act already protects women in subsidized housing.  We believe that Louisiana legislators will stand with victims and agree that all Louisiana residents deserve to keep their home after facing abuse.

  • Each legislative session, legislators file dozens of bills with implications for fair housing.

    Last year we defeated bills to tax low-income housing and to discourage housing for people with disabilities in rural areas. We also supported bills that would ban landlords from making people homeless because of who they love. This year, we’ll be sure to let you know about the good, the bad, and the ugly, as the session progresses.

GNOFHAC is working with a broad coalition of partners and legislators to make these simple fixes to our domestic violence and housing law. Let us know if you want to get involved and stay tuned for further news and actions!

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