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Thanks for fundraising! Here are some tools to get you started:

Posted on 01. Oct, 2014 by



Thank you for participating in the 5k for Fair Housing to support GNOFHAC’s domestic violence initiative.  Here are some tools to help you get going:

Sample Email Text

On Saturday, November 8, I’ll do the Crescent City Fall Classic 5k to raise money for the Greater N.O. Fair Housing Action Center’s efforts to fight housing discrimination against victims of domestic violence.  It’s a sad but unfortunate reality that this issue affects many families in Louisiana, and that survivors often have trouble maintaining stable housing as a result.  In Louisiana, victims of violence are sometimes even evicted for calling the police.  We currently have a client who is facing this ordeal, and we’re working hard to ensure that her bravery in coming forward will keep other victims from going through the same hardships.

I’m raising money for this program because I believe that no one should be forced to compromise their safety to avoid homelessness.  Please join me in supporting this important work by making a donation through [Link to Fundraising Page]. With your help, we can ensure that no one is made homeless as a result of violence committed against them, 

Thank you for your support!

Sample Facebook Posts (tag your friends individually)

1.   Hey friends and family- I’m running a 5k next month to raise money for the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center.  If you want to support me in this feat of athleticism and altruism, then visit [Link to Fundraising Page]! $10, $20, $50– it all adds up.

2.   On November 8, I’ll participate in the Crescent City Fall Classic 5k to raise money for the GNO Fair Housing Action Center’s work on behalf of victims of domestic violence.  Survivors are all too often evicted or denied housing as a direct result of the violence committed against them (or as a consequence of calling the police).  Please join me in standing with the women of Louisiana by making a donation [Link to Fundraising Page].  Thank you for your support!

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