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The choice to protect domestic violence victims is simple

Posted on 28. May, 2014 by

Used and abused; domestic violence conceptWe have a client right now who was evicted from her apartment literally because her ex-boyfriend showed up uninvited and brutalized her to the point of hospitalization. So we’ve pulled out all the stops in order to get state law changed so that this never happens to another woman in Louisiana.


Senate President Pro Tem Sharon Weston Broome brought and bravely led SB233 through a Senate committee, the Senate floor, and this week, the House Commerce Committee.

The hearing in the House Commerce Committee this week was particularly nasty (you can see coverage here). Even though we’ve worked tirelessly throughout the last few months to make sure that the bill achieves its mission of protecting domestic violence victims without providing an undue burden on landlords, the opposition would have you believe that it’s just too confusing of an issue for them to work with.

But the truth is that SB233 isn’t complicated. The bill offers clear language to prevent domestic violence victims from being punished for the behavior of their abusers– the same protections we would offer to victims of any other crime. It’s just too hard to believe that the industry can’t figure out how to write a lease that doesn’t discourage women who are being battered and tortured from calling for emergency assistance.

It’s simple: a vote in support of the bill is a vote to protect women that have been targeted for indescribable abuse. A vote against SB233 is a vote against women who are vulnerable and in need of our help. It provides a pass to abusers who know how to use the threat of homelessness as a weapon against some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

We’ve gotten so far, but we need your help to make it over the final hurdle of a floor vote in the House. Please take a moment and click here to send a message to House Members to support SB 233 and victims of domestic violence.

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