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Staff Interview: Seth Weingart, Homeownership Protection Project Director

Posted on 05. Sep, 2012 by

What is you current role in the office?

I manage the home ownership protection projects and give foreclosure and post-purchase housing counseling.

Can you describe some of your day-to-day work in the office?

I assist clients that are in danger of foreclosure with their financial information– and anything else they might require –so that I can work with banks on their behalf to modify their mortgages. I also work with clients to review Road Home files, to see if they’re eligible for any additional assistance to finish repairing their homes. I’m also responsible for all grant reporting related to our housing counsel grants.

Can you describe a project or case that you are currently working on or recently finished?

I have been trying to work with the state Hazard Mitigation Grant Program to try and get assistance for a number of our clients who haven’t been able to finish repairs to their houses since Hurricane Katrina. The program accepted about 40,000 applicants into the program, then said they only have enough money for 9,000 applicants, so we have a number of clients in the program who are eligible, but their not getting any funds and are in desperate need of that money to fix their house. So we have been working with the program’s management to try and get any of these clients into the pipeline of people who are actually going to receive grants.

Something interesting about you that most people do not know?

My son’s name is Ellis.

What is you favorite event or festival in New Orleans?

Jazz Fest! I love the food, the vibe, going out there sweating, hanging out and listening to good music.

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