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Staff Interview: Giazzlyn Brumfield, Homeownership Specialist

Posted on 11. Jul, 2012 by

What is your current role in the office?

I am a Certified Homeowner Specialist. I deal with the Foreclosure intervention Program, HOP, and therefore assist homeowners to avoid foreclosure as much as possible. If we are not successful in that, we will at least advise them of transitional options.

Can you describe some of your day-to-day work in the office?

Most of the day I spend my time negotiating with mortgage companies on homeowners behalf. If not negotiating, I’m submitting paperwork, sending packages on the homeowner behalf, and other days I spend time conducting intakes, where I gather information needed to process hardship packages to send to lenders.

Can you describe a project that you are currently working on or recently finished?

One of the most recent modifications I was able to obtain for a homeowner was a miraculous success. I say that because the homeowner did not have any income at first. In this situation I think the mortgage company took sympathy for the borrower because the borrowers husband had died in the midst of us negotiating.

I began working with this homeowner in April of 2011. Her husband was living at that point, and he was the sole income provider. We were able to get them on a HAMP trial plan, where you pay a reduced amount of your mortgage payment for a period of time. However, at the end of that trial plan in January, the homeowner’s husband passed away and therefore left the homeowner with no income.

I then spoke with the mortgage company and they were not wiling to do anything until their was income secured. Through conversations, the mortgage company gave the homeowner a modification, and while they were approving that, her social security benefits came through so she had an income as well.  In the end we were able to assist her and ensure that her house was not foreclosed upon.

Can you describe something interesting about you that most people do not know?

Most people do not know that I can draw.  I don’t let many people know, because I get requests to draw something that I don’t want to do.  I was told by my parents, when I decided to major in psychology, that I was crazy and that I should be capitalizing on my talents and major in art.  I said no, I wouldn’t make any money.

What is you favorite event or festival in the City?

French Quarter Fest because it’s free, and I can use all my money to sample all of the delectable cuisine from the local eateries, and it also highlights all the local talent.

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