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Fair Housing Center Launches Hurricane Relief Project to Assist Homeowners with Mortgage and INsurance Issues

Posted on 23. May, 2006 by

Louisiana homeowners now have a new source of assistance to help resolve their mortgage difficulties and obtain equitable settlements on their hurricane related insurance claims.
The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center (GNOFHAC), working with the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) has launched the Hurricane Relief Project (The Project) to advocate on behalf of Hurricane affected Gulf Coast homeowners. Homeowners in need of assistance can contact GNOFHAC at 504-596-2100 or 877-445-2100.

Nearly ten months after Hurricane Katrina, many homeowners are still faced with foreclosure concerns and unsettled insurance claims. Moreover, as Gulf Coast residents seek new loans for repairs or home purchase, there is a serious concern that homeowners may fall prey to predatory lending schemes and inferior loan products. Through the Hurricane Relief Project, GNOFHAC will help homeowners confront these types of problems. GNOFHAC can explain the terms and conditions of new and existing mortgages and insurance policies. In addition to providing these services in New Orleans, Gulf Coast homeowners can receive assistance at Fair Housing Centers located in Gulfport, MS; Houston, TX; and Mobile, AL. Gulf Coast homeowners living in these areas can contact GNOFHAC for a referral to Fair Housing Centers outside of Greater New Orleans.

The Project was developed to ensure that homeowners rebuilding in the Gulf Coast have fair and equitable access to insurance and mortgage products. James Perry, GNOFHAC Executive Director comments, “because of our advocacy on the fair housing front, the Fair Housing Action Center is uniquely qualified to assist homeowners with hurricane lending and insurance issues. It is therefore, our privilege to serve the citizens of the State of Louisiana through the Hurricane Relief Project. Our partnership with the National Fair Housing Alliance
(NFHA) provides us the opportunity to play an even stronger role in ensuring that Louisiana
residents receive fair treatment in resolving their hurricane mortgage and insurance difficulties.”

5-23-06 Download the press release here

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